Subject: Providence Flyover 1961
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 23:25:53 -0500
From: "wayne" <>
To: "Sam Villa" <>

Find Attached 2 views of a flyover given Prov in the Spring of 1961 when she
was rotating back to Stateside for WestPac. If my memory serves me the word
was that it was an rare occasion for a Carrier to do that. Don't remember
which carrier it was but I know at the time Air Control was usually done by
us instead of the carrier. I think that was due both to our air controllers
and our Radar. We could track farther out than the carrier and it seems to
me that we recovered a few aircraft that would of been otherwise lost. But
that was 40 years ago. Fil20002.JPG is an approaching view and the other is
an overhead view. I just found slides that I took while I was in so if I
find anymore that I think would be appropriate I will send then along. I
have some pictures of refuel ops etc. don't know if you would want them or
not. If so just let me know.

Wayne Wilkeson ETR2 (Wilky)