I do remember Vic, Kurtz, Ossie and Petruna and many others. I have looked
around on the internet for info on the Prov but never could find anything
but official Navy info. I am amazed at all the people you have on the
website and the reunions you have had. If you do have one in New Orleans
I'll make a point of being at that one.

After I got out in '73 I went back East. I went to work for DuPont in the
analytical instrument business as a field engineer and have stayed with the
same business through an employee buyout and a sale a few years later. The
company is TA Instruments and is based in New Castle, DE. This year will be
my 30th. I have traveled all over the country and several foreign countries
in South America and Asia. Now I am in Spring, Texas(Houston area) and live
with my wife Barbara and daughter Laura. I also have 2 sons that live in
Austin, Texas.

I have a picture of us now and will send you several others I took while on
the Prov.

Edwin Prinsen