Past Reunions

1st - 1989 Virginia Beach, VA
Chairman: Al Olsen & O.C. Ayers
2nd - 1990 Sarasota, FL
Chairman: Jim Weightman & Harold Savage
3rd - 1992 Covington, KY
Chairman: Ray Lape
4th - 1993 Philadelphia, PA
Chairman: Al Pfiffer
5th - 1995 Providence, RI
Chairman: Joe Wottenscraft
6th - 1996 San Diego, CA
Chairman: Dick Rector

7th - 1998 St. Pete Beach, FL
Chairman: Leo & Marge Zimmer

8th - 1999 Covington, KY
Chairman: Bill McCubbin
9th - 2001 Kansas City, MO
Chairman: Jack Reighley
10th -2002 Las Vegas, NV
Chairman: Jim Cozine
11th -2004 Buffalo, NY
Chairman: Jim Chryst
12th -2005 - Sept/Phoenix, AZ
Chairman: Bill Price

13th - 2007 Sept/Covington, KY
Chairman: Bill & Beverly McCubbin

14th - 2009 April/May Providence,RI
Chairman: Jim Chryst

Providence Chairmen,
We thank you for your service to the Providence Association. Your leadership and commitment as Reunion Chairman has made it possible for all our shipmates, friends, and familiy to once again come together to share friendships and memories from their days aboard Providence........USS PROVIDENCE ASSOCIATION

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