The Sailing Club was formed some where at sea off of Vietnam.  Captain McWethy asked for volunteers to assist in repairing and making sea worthy a Rebel 16' sailboat.  Vic L'heureux and myself (Sam Villa) answered the request and repaired, mended and fixed the deck and hull and replaced hardware as needed.  We used a lot of resin and fiberglass and made her sea worthy.
Here is a photo of Captain McWethy while serving as the Executive Officer aboard the USS Burton Island.  Is that a submarine?
While we were at Hunter's Point, I used to take time to sail the boats at Treasure Island.  Participated in many regattas in San Francisco Bay and Richardson's Bay (over 100 regattas in the Rhodes 19' Sloop which  was equipped with Mainsail, Jib and Spinnaker. She had a fixed lead keel especially suited for San Francisco waters.  Understand she was an east coast boat. ); Monterey Bay (1 regatta in the Shields 30" Sloop in Match Cup Racing against various Colleges and the Team from Annapolis); San Diego Bay (5 regattas and many races using the facilities of the Naval Sailing Club at the Amphibious Base in Coronado, sailing such classes as Rebels, Knock Abouts, Ventures, Lido's, Flying Dutchman, Skiffs, Luder Yawls and various others); and Annapolis, MD (1 regatta) .

We eventually started training those who were interested in learning the fine art of sailing; gradually earning certification and membership in the USS Providence Sailing Club in various classes of sailboats.  Providence Sailing Team competed against the Monterey U.S. Naval Postgradute School in Monterey, California, numerous colleges, and sent a team against the Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland.  Sailing become a lifelong hobby for me.  Today I sail the Catalina 28' in San Diego, California......   Sam Villa


Captain McWethy and Vic L'heureux presenting a Sailing Trophy

Match Cup Racing Regatta in Monterey California.  The USS Providence Sailing Team (Skipper: Sam Villa; Crew:  Tom Trumble, Don Dame, Vic L'heureux, and Don Farmer)  did come in last but put on a good show.  Highlights include a near Mutiny, Coast Guard Interdiction and one crew member who was a hero jumping from a 30 foot pier in the dark of night into the cold Monterey waters saving a father and son who lay unconscious against the pilings in the dark murky waters. (Rear Admiral, USCG Mark A. Whalen, Commander, 12th Coast Guard District, sent Letter of Appreciation to Commanding Officer K.G. Haynes of USS Providence on September 10, 1971 for recognition of heroic rescue on 29 May, 1971; recogniton was given on fantail of Providence to Sam Villa.)

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